Business Succession Planning

The enduring viability of your business hinges on a robust succession strategy – one that addresses critical queries like, "How do I pass the torch of my business?" "Who will assume leadership?" "What if a key executive departs unexpectedly?" "Is selling my business a prudent option?" Whether you're a sole proprietor, or a partner of a closely-held business, we're committed to collaborating with you and your team of trusted advisors to facilitate a seamless transition of your enterprise.

Business Exit and Contingency Strategies

When considering exiting your business, various options exist, such as selling to a third party, transferring ownership to a partner, key employees, or the entire workforce via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). For family-owned businesses, succession planning within the family is also essential.

What if an unforeseen event, such as premature passing or disability, were to occur? Alongside conducting a buy/sell analysis, we'll also assist you in ensuring your business remains operational and well-positioned during such challenging circumstances.

We'll collaborate with you to safeguard your business's wealth and your family's peace of mind by devising a tailored strategy to maximize this wealth according to your preferences.

  • Analysis for Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Management Buyouts (MBOs) / ESOPs
  • Securing Cash Flow and Capital for Buyouts*
  • Facilitating Family Successions
  • Planning and Executing Business Sales to External Parties*

*Service provided by third-party.

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